The driving range at Lake Manitoba resort is a place that provides golfers with everything they need to practice their game and improve their skills, in a comfortable and enjoyable environment. Even if you're not playing a round of golf, you can drop by the driving range and work on your swing or practice your aim with the various targets to hit at.

Bucket of Balls - $15 (Approximately 80 balls)
Driving Range Yearly Membership - $125

Why use the driving range?

  • Warm-up: Use the driving range as a warm-up before starting your round of golf. Hit some balls to get your muscles loosened up and your swing in rhythm.

  • Practice your swing: Use the driving range to work on your swing mechanics. Focus on proper posture, grip, alignment, and swing path.

  • Experiment with clubs: Try out different clubs to see which ones work best for you. Hit some balls with your driver, irons, and wedges to get a feel for each club.

  • Work on your distance: Use the driving range to work on your distance control. Pick a target and try to hit the ball a certain distance with each club.

  • Practice your short game: Use the chipping and putting area of the driving range to work on your short game. Practice hitting chip shots and making putts to improve your scoring around the greens.

  • Have fun: Remember that golf is a game, and the driving range is a great place to have fun and enjoy yourself. Don't take your practice too seriously, and enjoy the process of improving your game.

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